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Personal Story

Personal Story


James E. Wright, Founder

I received my BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD) in 1988 with a minor in Retail Advertising and Fashion Illustration. I believe art has no limits, no boundaries and many times needs no explanation. Great artwork can speak for itself. One of my passions is creating pieces that invite various interpretations from viewers. Each person takes something a little different from each piece, and I enjoy that.

My influences first and foremost are everything I see, feel, dream or experience. It began as a child and my love for comic books. I wanted to be a comic book artist and would try to recreate everything in the Marvel comics. As I grew older I recognized I my true calling was fine art and that my art has no limits. I feel truly blessed to have the creative ability to utilize various mediums such as acrylics, charcoal and graphite to create.


My love for art began with comics at a very young age. My attention was not grabbed for what would be the ‘norm’ of reading the comic books, it was the vivid colors on the covers that captivated me. I would spend hours drawing various comic characters and remember having a feeling of happiness and completeness from the vivid colors of my pictures. The more crayons I used in the box, the more satisfied I felt.

I strive to create works that speak to the beauty that exists in colors. I enjoy using acrylics to accentuate color blending and bold lines in my abstract paintings. I want to take the viewer’s eyes on a journey throughout my work. I have a passion for creating designs that appear to have no beginning and no end. My most recent venture with art-infused home décor is satisfying my love for what I like to refer to as functional art. Using various vintage finds in addition to custom build decor, I create products with a goal of providing physical and visual artistic stimulation to viewers. I am having great enjoyment creating these specialized and unique works that are exempt from the infamous reminder…’Don’t touch the art’.

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